Why choose American Modular homes as your manufactured home retailer

At American Modular Homes we all come to work every day because we are passionate about helping people build a new home. Buying a new home for anyone is a BIG DEAL, it will most likely be the single largest purchase for anyone. We receive and take calls/emails from people that have never built a new home in their life. They don’t know where to start, how to get financing. Our goal as a team is to educate and offer advice to our customers each step of the process to ensure that they can create their American dream home without any anxiety. At American Modular homes trust is our main attribute embedded within our company culture. We promise to go out of our way to ensure that all our customers receive honest answers to their questions with reasonable set expectations.

How long is the home buying process?

The home buying process can vary for each customer, but don’t worry we are here to help! Certain questions need to be answered before a time frame can be dedicated for this process. These questions include; Do you currently own land or are looking to purchase land? Will the customer have a custom plan, and what type of financing is the customer using?

How do I qualify for a factory-built home?

When determining what type of credit you must have to qualify, most lenders consider your ability to pay, along with whether can you afford it. This is administered by your income, current debt, and credit history. American Modular homes uses variety of lenders for manufactured and modular home financing, for various credit scores. VA and FHA government insured loans usually look for a 620 or better FICO score. American Modular Home has teamed up with lenders who will go as low as lower 500s with larger down payment or land equity.

Do you accept mobile home trade ins?

We do accept home trade ins! Estimating the value of your current home can be challenging, but we are committed to making sure our customers receive the most for their current home. If your current home has no resale value due to age or condition, American Modular Homes will have it removed from your property and replace with your new modular home. Nevertheless, many of our customers are able to use their trade in as cash down no matter what state it is in.

Is there a model center I could visit?

Of course! American Modular homes welcomes you to visit our model center and experience your new dream home. Come meet our team and see what model home fits your needs and best fits your budget.

What is the difference between Mobile home versus a Modular home?

Mobile Homes, often called Manufactured Homes, are built to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (Hud Code), whereas a Modular Home is built in accordance Florida State Building Codes (DCA Code). The same code that governs a traditional “Site Built Home”. American Modular homes offers both types of homes, we hope to help you decide which option is best for you!

Are there any exterior amenities obtainable?

American Modular Homes offers a variety of exterior amenities, you name it we got it! The only limitations may include your personal budget and occasionally the appraised value of the package may limit the amenities.

American Modular Homes can help you with: Large decks, covered porches, gutters and down sprouts, asphalt or paved driveways, landscaping, storage sheds, and garages. We can also enhance your septic/drain field, well or well pump, and install new underground electric utilities.

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